Sharepoint infrastructure renewal & migration

Cost-benefit assessment for the construction of an infrastructure on which to host Sharepoint applications, migrating these latter from Sharepoint 2013 to Sharepoint 2019.

Infrastructure upgrade and application refreshing

Infrastructure re-build and application migration to the new Sharepoint 2019.


Consulting, Project Management, Development, Cloud


Audit and assurance, consulting and tax services


Creation of an innovative infrastructure that can host applications migrated to Sharepoint 2019.

  • Redundant infrastructure with large performance margins

  • Rationalisation and alignment of environments

  • Analysis and evaluation of applications

  • Developments based on the most advanced frameworks


Substantial improvement of the user experience.

  • Substantial increase in infrastructure efficiency

  • Upgrading of applications with the latest technologies

  • Reduced waiting times in applications

First Step

Cost-benefit analysis of the infrastructure to migrate the applications onto: qualitative/quantitative evaluation of the different possible solutions, which is required to define the target structure of the applications.

Second Step

Dimensionamento, creazione e configurazione dell’infrastruttura Sharepoint 2019 OnPremise su Azure: il secondo step ci vede impegnati al fianco dei tecnici del cliente ad approntare i 4 ambienti necessari sulla nuova infrastruttura. La configurazione prevede anche la progettazione e la configurazione dell’SQL High Availability Group.

Third Step

Infrastructure sizing, creation and configuration Sharepoint 2019 On-Premise on Azure: the second Step sees us engaged alongside the client's technicians to prepare the four necessary environments on the new infrastructure. The configuration also includes designing and configuring the SQL High Availability Group.

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